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A forgotten friend

Ended up a the Beresford the other night for drinks with the Frenchies - I hadn’t been there in ages.. It’s quite the opposite from the laneway bars I’ve been dropping by lately, and I’d forgotten I really liked this place!

And the beer garden at the back is great (for when it’ll stop pouring non stop).
Oh - and let’s not forget the xmas tree made out of beer bottles… class!

Good to know that the weather will improve after today… or not.

Good to know that the weather will improve after today… or not.

Great charity night & 1st shirts, bags and photo blocks sold!

Yep - I actually sold ‘From Bondi’ shirts, bags and photo blocks to people I didn’t even know!! Mind you, they’d probably been paid by my mother…

Leigh & Chris organized their annual charity night in Tama, and it was once again a success… $3,500 raised to help African kids, over 150 people, live music in the backyard, bbq, drinks, raffle prizes and…. they’d even organized for me to showcase the stuff ‘From Bondi’ on a massive bookshelf!

Really happy as we sold shirts, beach bags and photo blocks, with part of the profits going back to the charity… Overall - a great fun night for a really good cause - check it out: 

Bye for now x

Bags & shirts From Bondi are here!

And I’m turning my living room into a flea market to show my friends the brand new shirts and bags I picked up today!

I’m really happy with how they came through, it’s so cool to be wearing what you’ve been working on for over 6 months now! Even went running with my ‘Heart’ singlet today, I reckon I was faster than usual!..

But that’s not all…. I’ve also been working on some acrylic blocks and they also arrived today - and what a surprise… They look absolutely amazing!! I’m stunned and I’ve actually kept a couple for me! (quality of the below photos doesn’t give them justice at all, the images are super sharp and bright..)

To sum up - massive excitment over here in North Bondi! Hit me up if you want to come and have a look before I head for the markets and launch the website xxx

Love, love, love Tilly Divine!

Strange name (‘Love, Tilly Divine’)..
Small laneway (Crown lane in Darlinghurst)..
Extensive wine list (slightly pricey but really nice)..
Homey/funky/oldy decor…

This is my new favourite wine bar in the city!

Another great laneway bar in Sydney

Tucked in a mini alley off George street you need to check out the ‘Grasshopper’ bar - another brilliant bar Melbourne-style with funky decor, great cocktails and cool atmosphere.

It’s right in the city, but you need to look hard for it! It’s on Temperance Lane, hidden around the corner. Well worth meeting up for a afterwork in the city!

Note to self…

DO NOT watch Jaws on a Friday night before heading on a surf weekend. Specially when the water is murky and you can’t see your feet. And you keep catching that little wave away from the pack. And you can see grey shadows everywhere. And your boyfreind has sent you a text saying he had to get out of the water on his surf expedition because there was a shark.

Stupid, stupid movie!

That being said - Great surfing weekend on the central coast, Avoca is such a great place to escape for the weekend..

I went to a Really cool bar on Taylor Square last Friday called ‘Lo Fi’ (above Kingselas) - great little outdoor balcony, good food, good wine, arty/funky decor, cool tunes and chilled out people… My new favourite! Check it out!

I went to a Really cool bar on Taylor Square last Friday called ‘Lo Fi’ (above Kingselas) - great little outdoor balcony, good food, good wine, arty/funky decor, cool tunes and chilled out people… My new favourite! Check it out!

1st Bags & Shirts ‘From Bondi’ —- HIGHLY STOKED!

The level of excitement is through the roof - I just received the 1st samples of bags and shirts ‘From Bondi’ I’m actually super happy about!!

Heading out to Darlinghurst to check out Lo-Fi and Ching-a-lings bars, and definitely wearing my shirt!! Yyyyyyyeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww!!

Love Boat

'After work' for me usually means beers next door at the Commodore or somewhere in the city with idiots trying to impress girls by giving away their business cards:
"Here’s my card darl, we should go out some time. Here, grab a glass of French champagne. No I’m not celebrating, it’s just because I felt like it." Idiot (and true story at the Ivy).

Anyway - here’s a different after-work idea for you: a 2-hour sail of the Harbour. I did it 2 days ago to welcome my friend Sarah to Sydney (all loved up that she is). It wasn’t the best weather, but still a really cool thing to do, it kinda felt like we were on a weekend somewhere and not like really a Tuesday evening after work!

You can either participate and do stuff on the boat, or actually relax and not do anything on the deck. Guess which option I went for!…

Check it out, it’s a really cool thing to do in Sydney!

What makes Bondi so… well, Bondi?

If I had to describe Bondi in a few words/images, I reckon this is how I’d do it:

1 - The Beach:
Surf, lifeguards, tourists drowning, guys in Speedos, backpackers waking up on the beach after a night at the Bondi hotel,… There definitely are nicer beaches over here (think WA), but Bondi’s beach is probably the most iconic one

2 - The surf:
Beginners dropping in, ripping locals, flying groms, cruisy longboarders, 1ft pancakes, 5ft close outs, rips, lefts, rights,… Bondi’s got it (almost) all!

3 - The locals:
Aaaah, the locals… Big sunnies, hats, flannel shirts, skinny jeans; 6am joggers, skaters, surfers, artists, photographers, yogis, models, backpackers…
Gotta love them!

4 - And gloablly… The super cruisy lifestyle!
Afternoon drinks, sunrise/sunset surf, roof top BBQs, grassy knoll (in)action, beach parties,…. And THAT’s why we all love that place!

I only discovered The Naked and Famous a year ago but i’m obsessed with them!…

Check out the ‘Young Blood’ video… ‘All of This’ remains my favourite so far though.

We are gathered here today…

OK so it seems I’ve hit that stage when every week someone announces they’re getting married! Talk about peer pressure…

Anyhoo, here’s my early present for all you lovebirds out there: Tamarama-based and super talented wedding/portrait/surf/landscape/you-name-it photographer Chris from! [insert applause here]
Chris has been shooting heaps of weddings lately - he’s got this amazing eye and the photos come out with amazing colours. But most importantly: they’re not corny wedding photos! Just plain cool….

So if you’re planning a wedding (good luck), looking for some beautiful portraits or just enjoy surf photography - check his website and get in touch with Chris!


Sunrise surf in North Bondi, Coopers at the Beach Road, crab pasta at the North Bondi Italian, sunset on Ben Buckler, flat White at Jed's, Sunday pizza at Doughboy's, tapas at Roy's, morning swim at Icebergs, Pinot noir at The Wine bar (ok, let's rephrase - at 1 of the 56 new wine bars)....
Welcome to the Bondi Bubble!

This blog is for all things Bondi related - what we like, what's new, what's cool, what's so uncool it's become cool again, and pretty much all I feel like chatting about! OK, and maybe I'll also talk about the greater Sydney as I sometimes get out of the Valley...

Enjoy and see you around Bondi!


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